ACCESSAVAN three point access options!

ACCESS options


1) Kneeling/Lowering Airbag Suspension

  • Best for - powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters, walkers.

Kneeling/Lowering airbag suspension is the ultimate access in our range.

Simply detach the caravan from your tow vehicle, lower the caravan by dumping the airbags and level your caravan, attach the SHORT lightweight ramp under the entry door... that's it...

Also the airbags are independent, this means you can level your caravan east / west with ease via a remote control. 

2) Wheelchair Lift (UVL)

  • Best for powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters, walkers. 

A wheelchair lift is a great access option for customers who find ramps difficult to negotiate, we use the UVL (under vehicle lift), they fold away under the caravan door, and are easy to use.

3) Lower Leaf Spring Suspension & Axle Configuration

  • Best for powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters.

The most simple access option we offer, also the most cost effective option in our range. We use a specific suspension set up so the caravan floor is accessible to customers that can handle a steeper gradient ramp with assistance of a career or partner etc, OR the use of a powerchair. This option can be used by a manual wheelchair user in conjunction with a specific winch set up and a LONGER ramp.

4) Standing Lift

  • Best for short distance walkers, or difficulty with steps!

A Standing lift is fitted to the side of a caravan by the entry door, it is best fitted to a new build, however it can be retro fitted. The lift has a small platform that you stand on, at a press of a button a 12v motor will lift you to floor height.

If any of these options don't work for you - please contact us to discuss further options we have available - Phone: 0417 584 988

accessible bathroom options


The Bathroom

Our customers say this is the most important room in the house! (caravan)...

We can offer a wealth of knowledge in your bathroom design with loads of options available.

The most important thing in the bathroom is YOU, our goal in the bathroom design is to replicate your home bathroom as close as possible, because you know that works for you!

All our bathrooms are 'roll-in' and 1100mm wide fiberglass moulded base.

The Toilet

  • If you use a commode over the toilet, we fit commode tie downs for when you are in transit as a standard inclusion.
  • The most important aspect is the height of your home toilet, most commodes will not be high enough (from floor to UNDER the seat) to enable backing over a standard cassette RV toilet, we have the answer, contact us to chat about his very important aspect.
  • If you have limited hand functions - we have options available to help emptying the black tank.

The Shower

  • Padded folding wall mounted shower seat - 980mm wide!
  • Commode or shower seat - we can supply these items (POA)
  • Tempering valve to shower is standard in all bathrooms

The Basin

  • Small fixed hand basin
  • Large fixed hand basin
  • Fold down hand basin - when lowered, measured to sit just above your legs
  • No hand basin

Other Bathroom Options

  • Front loader washing machine
  • Entry - concertina door
  • Entry - solid door
  • Entry - you choose the width
  • On demand, Instant hot water - Gas only - we understand that our customers take a bit longer in the shower.

accessible bed options


The Bedroom

Once again, we will try our very best to replicate your bed at home, height, size and the right mattress for the all important 'skin integrity'... also making sure you have enough transfer space.

Bed Configuration

  • East/West - is the most efficient way to utilise the space in a caravan.
  • Island bed - not easy to transfer from a wheelchair, however this configuration is always available
  • Fold away single beds
  • King Single beds
  • Lift bed (any size) - bed lifts to the ceiling to give you all that wasted space underneath for anything you wish, a lounge, dinette, his & hers computer desk...etc.
  • We can make your bed any size you need!

Bedroom Options

  • Over head D-Handles - to assist with bed mobility
  • We can accommodate alternating pressure mattresses
  • Extra power points for C-PAP
  • We can supply plush pillow top mattress to help your 'skin integrity'
  • Ceiling Hoist (design pending)

If need more options, please contact us to discuss them, as we are TRUE custom caravan builders - Phone: 0417 584 988 



  • Curtains and pelmets to living room windows
  • Leather upholstery
  • Gas Floor Heating
  • Front load washing machine


  • Hot plates – 3 gas & 1 electric & grill
  • Gas Oven
  • Large capacity deep bowl sink
  • 240V/12V compressor fridge available
  • Slide out bench
  • Bench heights


  • Slide-Out rooms
  • Bed spread and day pillows
  • Bunks available
  • 12v push button hatch above the bed, 600mm wide!
  • Grab Rails fitted anywhere
  • Extra windows
  • Picture windows


  • Lithium battery(s)
  • Protector shade on rear window
  • 9kg or 4.5kg gas bottles
  • External water resistant speakers
  • 1 or 2 jerry can holders
  • Fold down picnic table
  • Push button 12v awning
  • Reversing Camera (twin camera's)


  • Power 12v push button jockey stand
  • DO35 coupling
  • Hydraulic Stabilising System
  • Folding A frame
  • Hot Dip Gal chassis
  • 12″ electric brakes
  • Caravan movers

accessavan/Coronet RV 5 Years Warranty!



Click below to download the Accessavan A5 Brochure

accessavan_Brochure_AUG19_A5 (pdf)