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Don't have the right tow vehicle? We have the solution...

Not everyone owns the right tow vehicle, for example; you may own a wheelchair accessible vehicle with rear entry or side entry that does not have the correct towing capacity for your caravan you currently own or the caravan you want to build, we have he solution! 'Accessavan Tow Service'

We can hook up and tow your caravan from your driveway, storage, or caravan park and tow it to your next destination, hook up the power and water as well as level it so all you need to do is turn up and relax!

Would you like us to deliver your new caravan build to your door?

We can perform handover in your driveway if you wish!

Some customers find it too difficult to pick up their new accessible caravan, so we can offer the handover at a location that suits you, in your driveway, a caravan park etc...

For a quote to 'deliver' your new build or a quote for the 'Accessavan Tow Service'

Please call: 0417 584 988 or email via the contact page.

Accessavan brochure

Click below to download the Accessavan A5 Brochure...FREE!

Accessavan Brochure (pdf)